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Hello and Welcome, this is my personal website with a few thoughts and posts about things I care about.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own and do not express the views of the companies in which I am involved, unless explicitly stated. Feel free to look at my About me page before reading my articles.

Some of my content is written in English, some of it is written in German. You’ll figure it out.

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Static Website with Hugo, Cloudflare and Automated Builds using Google Cloud

Motivation In 2015 I started using Hugo for my private website. I wanted to reduce the time needed to update software and always maintain a secure environement. I even wrote an article about setting up hugo with ssl using Cloudflare (in German) back than. Hugo has evolved a lot since than and it was time for an update. I also decided that I want an automated build system that automatically rebuilds my websites whenever I commit a new post to the repository.

About Tobias Schwarz - Short Biography

Tobias Schwarz as an entrepreneur Tobias Schwarz has been self-employed since 2004 and has founded several companies during his career. Currently Tobias works for the following companies: Audisto GmbH Tobias is founder and CTO of Audisto GmbH. Audisto develops software for the technical analysis and continuous monitoring of websites. As CTO Tobias is responsible for the technical development of the software and also supports large and international customers in the use of the software and the continuous improvement of their websites.

Compile and install OpenTTD on a Raspberry Pi and run a dedicated server

Motivation From time to time I play OpenTTD with friends. When we do we usually play a map for quite some time. This requires a dedicated server and I had one running on my Raspberry Pi for quite a while. However I reinstalled Raspbian and therefore had to setup the OpenTTD server again. Since I forgot all the steps and there still is no arm package of the latest release, I had to compile the source code and figure out all the steps for the setup again.

Fix Encoding Issues in Putty - Set Translation and Terminal-type

Encoding Problems I had encoding problems with Putty on a single server for quite some time now. Here is a screenshot of Midnight Commander to show what I mean: Find and set the correct encoding Usually it is easy to find the correct encoding and set it in Putty: Login, list the locales with: locale You will get a list like this. LANG=de_DE.utf-8 LC_CTYPE="de_DE.utf-8" LC_NUMERIC="de_DE.utf-8" LC_TIME="de_DE.utf-8" LC_COLLATE="de_DE.utf-8" LC_MONETARY="de_DE.utf-8" LC_MESSAGES="de_DE.


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