About Tobias Schwarz - Short Biography

Tobias Schwarz as an entrepreneur

Tobias Schwarz has been self-employed since 2004 and has founded several companies during his career. Currently Tobias works for the following companies:

Audisto GmbH

Tobias is founder and CTO of Audisto GmbH. Audisto develops software for the technical analysis and continuous monitoring of websites. As CTO Tobias is responsible for the technical development of the software and also supports large and international customers in the use of the software and the continuous improvement of their websites.

AmbiWeb GmbH

Tobias is the sole shareholder and managing director of AmbiWeb GmbH. AmbiWeb develops and operates a number of larger websites in a variety of subject areas and generates revenue from the marketing of advertising space.

Tobias Schwarz as a speaker and expert

Tobias Schwarz has been honored several times as an expert and influencer in recent years and is often found as a speaker and expert in various events at home and abroad:

Appearances as a speaker

In his many lectures, Tobias talks mostly about technical SEO (search engine optimization) and in particular about the topics structure optimization of websites and quality control. With his lectures he was at conferences and events such as SEO CAMPIXX, karlsCORE and karlsCORE public, SEO DAY and Expert DAY, SEOkomm, Webinale, SIXT SEO Wiesn and many more.

Appearances as an expert

In recent years Tobias has repeatedly appeared as an expert in videos and podcasts such as in the SISTRIX expert panels on Google Ranking Factors and Mobile SEO, in the Link Building and SEO Podcast of the LinkResearchTools, as well as in the SEO House Podcast and some others. In addition, Tobias has written several articles for print and online media e.g. for Website Boosting.

More facts

Date of birth15.03.1983
LanguagesGerman, English, French
HobbiesGood food, travel, badminton, cycling, board games
Favorite seriesCalifornication, Suits, Homeland, Westworld