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Hello and Welcome, this is my personal website with a few thoughts and posts about things I care about.

Tobias Schwarz

The views and opinions expressed here are my own and do not express the views of the companies in which I am involved, unless explicitly stated. Feel free to look at my About me page before reading my articles.

Some of my content is written in English, some of it is written in German. You’ll figure it out.

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Extract titles and meta descriptions using a shell script

I created a small shell script that helps to extract titles and meta descriptions from all URLs of a website.

Static Website with Hugo, Cloudflare and Automated Builds using Google Cloud

This guide shows howto setup a static website using a Google Cloud Space bucket and Cloudflare as a CDN. In addition the setup utilizes a git repository and build triggers from the Google Cloud for an automated build system.

Compile and install OpenTTD on a Raspberry Pi and run a dedicated server

This post covers the installation of OpenTTD under raspbian from source. It also covers installing 32bit graphics, universal rail type, the config setup and the setup of a startscript.

Fix Encoding Issues in Putty - Set Translation and Terminal-type

I had encoding problems with Putty and learned how to fix them. This is a small guide.