Articles and Publications

Only my articles and publications in English can be found on this page. Contents that I wrote in German can be found here.

Solar Powered Sensor with Supercapacitors and ESP32

This page documents my idea of building a solar powered sensor with supercapacitors and a WLAN enabled ESP32 microcontroller.

Extract titles and meta descriptions using a shell script

I created a small shell script that helps to extract titles and meta descriptions from all URLs of a website.

Static Website with Hugo, Cloudflare and Automated Builds using Google Cloud

This guide shows howto setup a static website using a Google Cloud Space bucket and Cloudflare as a CDN. In addition the setup utilizes a git repository and build triggers from the Google Cloud for an automated build system.

Compile and install OpenTTD on a Raspberry Pi and run a dedicated server

This post covers the installation of OpenTTD under raspbian from source. It also covers installing 32bit graphics, universal rail type, the config setup and the setup of a startscript.

Fix Encoding Issues in Putty - Set Translation and Terminal-type

I had encoding problems with Putty and learned how to fix them. This is a small guide.